Does God Want you to Be Poor in this modern world ?

There is one Bible story dealing with wealth that is misused and misunderstood more than any other one. Unfortunately, many people read this story and believe that Jesus is teaching that, it is better to be poor ( where we got the title ).

What do you think? Does it look like He is implying that everyone should give away all of their money and live like a homeless person ? Many do !

Many of the people obviously approved by God in the Old Testament were wealthy. Job, Abraham, Issac, Jacob (Israel), and Solomon are good examples. If God wanted His “best” people to stay poor, would the above scene have taken place ? No !

With those two different angles in mind, it should be clear that the rich man’s problem was not that he was a bad person, nor that he was very rich. His problem was that he loved his money above everything else even more than God. The reason it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God is because most rich people are too much in love with their money to enter the kingdom of God. They are not being kept out, they are keeping themselves out. The point of the story therefore is not that money is bad, but that the rich man’s focus was wrong .

To prove that once again, notice how differently God treated King Solomon. God was pleased not only because Solomon did not ask for money, but also because he did not ask for other self-centered things, either. Then God turned around and rewarded Solomon greatly. Solomon’s focus was clearly on what God would want him to do in that generation and touch as many people & impact nations around him for His glory .

Let the heaven speak to you to make a history in this generation itself !

God bless you abundantly and make you a blessing to multitudes across the globe.

Courtesy : Master.Dennis Binu Varghese
Mr.Shekhar Shukla

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