God had promised Isaac that if he would remain in Canaan, in the midst of
famine, that God would bless him there! I am sure that in the natural that
seemed impossible, but Isaac believed God.

His thinking may have gone something like this, “I know God will bless me here,
as He has promised. I need water to grow my crops. There is no rain, no water
from above. The rivers are dry, no water available from them….”

the idea must have hit him, “There must be water available from below. I could
irrigate my crops using well water.” He adapted the cutting edge technology of
his day to the conditions existing in Canaan, and his crops grew and produced
100 folds, when nobody else’s would.

What exactly he has done and what we can learn/adapt from this situations ?

1. Isaac had to find out God’s plan.

2. Isaac had to hear from God.

3. Isaac had to obey God’s voice.

4. Isaac had to break with the tradition of his father. [ Sowing seeds ]

5. Isaac adapted the wisdom of previous generations to the circumstances he was
living in [Famine in Canaan].

6. Isaac had to be bold enough to do something that had never been done before
[irrigation from well water].

7. Isaac had to overcome resistance [they contended for his wells].

8. Isaac had to persevere and not become discouraged by the resistance.

9. Isaac refused to get in strife with those who were opposing him.

One idea from God, not only did Isaac have plenty of food for his household, but
an abundance left over to sell to the Philistines. His prosperity really began
to increase rapidly now, as the wealth of the Philistines was transferred from
them to him.

You don’t have to be a genius to prosper. All it takes is one idea from God,
acted upon.

Let us sharpen our ears and hearts to hear the God’s voice to fulfill His plan
in our lives and in our generations !

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