Do you balance your professional life & family life effeciently ?

God places tremendous value on the family which has often been acknowledged as one
of the “building blocks” of society. Successful families are vital to the health of
any developing nation. Just as a material house, does not come together by accident,
but by design, so it is with our families.

The great man-Joseph-characterised in the bible was a outstanding CEO in the kingdom
of Egypt, commendable husband,father, son and brother to so many , who was also an
industrious, self-disciplined, orderly, charitable-given to hospitality and lives
for his home and family. We also see a great business lady in Proverbs 31 , who was
a woman of virtue, spiritually minded person who took her home very seriously.

As a young business Couple , sometimes it is difficult for us to find the balance
between business and family life. There are always crucial business
decisions&strategies are to make, pressures to bear and conferences&meeting to
attend, all of which can sometimes consume both of our time and our minds, ofcource
due to the time zone differences of our overseas collaborators sometimes we force to
take the work to home.

We need to examine ourselves to determine whether our professional lives having a
negative impact on our family lives.

1. Are our family members, parents and close friends complaining?

2. Are the children expressing a wish to see us more?

3. Do we find ourselves thinking about work when we should be attending to the
family’s needs?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then we may need to take a step back, pray
and ask God for wisdom. We have probably got our priorities wrong at this stage. We
must not allow the enemy to creep into our homes while we are looking after our
busineses. We need to act immediately because God should be glorified in our offices
as well as at home.

As we put these principles into practice, may the Lord cause us to walk in His will
and bring glory to His name.