Is Jesus saying that inaction is wicked..?

Yes, We believe so. In other words, if we do nothing with our talents… if we hide them in the ground and hoard them, we are choosing to be wicked, lazy, and worthless. We are supposed to invest what we have received .

The master praises first two servants for being “faithful. ”Very interesting. It would have been different, if the master praised them for being shrewd or effective or profitable. But the praise is given for their faith, not for their results. The first two servants both contribute something of value to their master’s estate.

As Jesus implies in The Parable of the Talents, creating abundance requires us to move beyond fear. Serve to create increase for others, and happiness is our reward. Bury our talents, and we get “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” The choice is ours.

Let the heaven speak to us today through this simple parable.

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