Study all your life, get a gold medal, and apply for a job & Work all your life, get a golden watch, and retire

In the dictionary, an entrepreneur is defined as “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business.” God instructed Noah to build a huge ark,
Imagine how much Noah had to trust God to take on such a task. Working with crude tools, Noah, a simple farmer with his sons, constructed this huge vessel — the biggest ever built in its day. Noah built it exactly to God’s specifications, never deviating from his instructions.

The ark was supposed to save Noah and his family from an impending flood, yet there were no clouds in the sky that showed any sign of a rain, in the history also there were no rain. Still, Noah and his sons worked day and night on the ark. People came from near and far to see the four driven men build the huge ark in the desert. Neighbors and visitors ridiculed and cursed Noah, yet he never abandoned his faith in God.

When you dare to have ambitions, people tend to ridicule you; they become vocal about why you cannot and even should not attempt to pursue your dream. Some well-meaning friends and family members are trying to protect you, while others may be jealous that you might succeed. Few have the same belief in you that you have in yourself.

There will always be someone who wants to rain on your parade, but an entrepreneur can’t be swayed by other people’s standards. Don’t let them put you into a box. If you buy into what’s expected of you, you’ll be restricted by others’ limitations. Better you should be guided by God’s unlimited promise. We’ve all been told: “Finish your education, get a good job, work for a good company, and you’ll have a great life.” In other words, Study all your life, get a gold medal, and apply for a job& Work all your life, get a golden watch, and retire.

This message is repeated and reinforced by people who are all too willing to tell us what they think we should do. Friends, teachers, and even college professors continually reinforce it, and then parents confirm this message to their children by being living examples of it. It takes a leap of faith to raise yourself above what others expect of you. The hardest thing to do is take that first step to overcome your fears and self-doubt, especially when you’re surrounded by doubting Thomas who constantly reinforce those fears, based on their personal beliefs.

It is always darkest before the dawn, and even in the most discouraging times, we never lost our faith in God. We were in His hands, and we always knew the Lord would look after us. We are here to sow seed into people’s lives. Our objective in business is not driven by how much money we may make. We seek to serve and to give to others.

In business, my biggest job as a CEO and the owner of the company is to serve others. My God given assignment is to serve the organization and serve its customers. Then, like a pebble cast into a lake, its ripples eventually reach the shore. Trust and loyalty communicated to others assures long-term success to make a impact in the nations and touch so many lives for His glory.

Special thanks: Vineetha.