Lean years & surplus resources !

When God wanted to exalt Pharaoh to be the most powerful ruler on earth to fulfill His divine plan, he did not instruct Joseph to tell him, “What you need to do, Pharaoh, is to offer bigger and bigger offerings to God.” No, God wanted to exalt him materially and He used material means and supernatural information to accomplish it.

God gave Pharaoh a dream containing, basically, the “inside information” regarding the future of their commodities market. Joseph gave the interpretation which contained within it- the plan of God, “Gather the surplus grain during the seven fat years”. [Note: because of the glut of surplus grain available in the marketplace, this seven year period of gathering would have generated no profit at all in a typical commodities market. No doubt the “economic experts” of the day lampooned him as being foolish.]

The rest of God’s plan was, “Sell during the seven lean years.” [Note: because Pharaoh now had the market cornered, the profits were enormous. This is the same principle as buying properties in the developing cities of India & middleeast during the market Depression and then selling it later in a premium price. The principle is: Buy (invest, sow) when others won’t ( they just watch ) , then sell to them when they have no choice but to buy from you.

Hearing God’s voice and flowing with his overall plan for each generation is critical.

Let us sharpen once again our ears and hearts to hear the God’s voice to fulfill his plan in our lives & generations !