Will you take a unique stand to impact so many

Yes ! You can’t change the history, but of course you can
make history. You cannot change the past but you can change the course of your
life in such a way as to determine your destiny and impact so many lives around

Abraham belonged to a traditional family . His fate was predicted, the script
was handed over to him to act out. But then He heard God say to him that he was
to be unique . He chose to step out and make history. The whole jewish race came
out of him and he became the father of all hopeful people in the history.

What are the unique characters we can adapt from Abraham’s life ?

1. He was willing to leave his comfort zone and step into the unknown.

2. He was willing to pay any price to fulfill God’s plan for his life.

3. He invested into people and developed a strong team around him who would go
any distance with him.

4. He lived for a cause that would impact the globe .

We must launch and build-up an intensive and extensive movement of cherishing
our value systems in all walks of life. This is particularly important since our
nation India has to provide leadership to the growing 550 million ignited
minds of the youth who are the most powerful resource for translating our vision
of transforming India into a developed nation.

Will you take a unique stand to impact so many lives in this generation !