” Oh God , you would enlarge my territory ! “

A plea for more territory- is where you ask God to enlarge your life so you can make
a greater impact for Him. We can see that there was more to this request, than a
simple desire for more real estate, wanted more influence, more responsibility, and
more opportunity to make a mark for the God of Israel.

How it relate to the today’s world

As a true citizen of a Nation you can looked at the circumstances and concluded, ”
surely I was born for more than this ” and ” our nation can do better than this ”

As a businessman / businesswoman , God is waiting for you to ask for more, your
business is the territory God has entrusted to you. He wants you to accept it as a
significant opportunity to touch individuals lives, the business community, and the
larger world for His glory. Asking him to enlarge that opprotunity brings Him only

For a dedicated wife,mother and father – prayer can be like this ” Lord, add to my
family, favour my key relationships, multiply for your glory the influence of my
households ” as home it is the single most powerful arena on earth to change a life
for Him !

No matter what your vocation, the highest form of Jabez’s prayer for more territory
might sound something like ;

” O god and king, please expand my opportunities and my impact in such a way that I
touch more lives for your glory. Let me do more for you ”