Your Work Really Matters to God !

We spend hours every day in the most strategic place of impact in the world – our workplace! If we respects the unique relationships we have with our co-workers, clients, and customers. It shows how we can be authentic instead of artificial when sharing what we believe, build trust with even the most skeptical person,and cultivate caring connections with those who have not yet feel the love of God.

Throughout history, God wants His children to find out how they can cooperate with His plan for the family,society and nations, not just the Sunday -Church.

What happens when we take the love of God literally and begin to apply it where they spend 60 to 70 percent of their lives ? What happens when we move in a spiritual dimension in our work 24/7 ? Lives, workplaces, cities and nations become transformed by the power of God !

Called the “next great movement of God,” ministry in the workplace is like a
sleeping giant that is starting to take the nation by storm. God is rising up a new breed of workers ( a new generation ) who has gone beyond the status quo to become a transformer.

Yes ! God wants you to cooperate with His divine plan ! Will you allow him to use you as a mighty instrument to transform this generation ?