Are you a denied person….?

Joseph….He was the favorite son of His old father among eleven brothers.
God give a vision to him when he was a child. God has a GREAT plan for his life.
But for the fruitfulness of his plan he allowed Joseph to go through several bitter trials and sufferings.

FIRSTLY he was denied by his BROTHERS (while he went to provide food and comfort) they threw him into a well which was dried up and then sold to Midianite. Now the value of the Joseph was 20 silver coins.

SECONDLY he was denied by Midianite (They sold him to Potiphar, he was the captain of the Palace guard in Egypt)

THIRDLY he was denied by Potiphar (Because of his wife’s wrong argument against Joseph)

Did you feel denied? In your family, society, work place??

While we are denied by our brothers and even close friends and family members whom we love!! Do not think this is the end!!

God is preparing you to stand for his purpose. He is molding you for his glory and Kingdom!

Joseph became the Governor of Egypt.

God has a GREAT plan for you!

(Genesis 37 – 41)

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