Are you hearing your master, his words?

Elijah proclaimed that the rain was coming to King Ahab, and then the Bible says that he went to the top of Mt. Carmel and crouched on the earth and put his face in between his knees. He prayed for rain to come seven times, believing in God’s promise for rain, but still not ceasing to pray.

He sent his servant out seven times to check to see if rain was coming. After each time, he just continued to press into God for rain. After the seventh time, his servant said that he saw a small cloud, as small as a man’s hand come out of the ocean. Elijah arose from there and told his servant to proclaim the rain to King Ahab again and the Bible says that the “sky grew black with clouds and wind, and there was a heavy shower.”

God is calling us to pray for rain in Asia and He is calling to pray it until completion. Seven times, Elijah had to pray for rain, all the time believing in God that He had promised the rain that would stop the drought, starvation, and judgement on the earth. God is calling us to pray for rain until it comes and pours down! Are you hearing his words?