Even God is not help for me!

Have you ever felt that God is also silent in your troubles and trials?

When the circumstances show its dark face, when the situations turns against our dreams, this is the right time of the dark force to win us. Oh, God you did this to me? Sometimes we can see the Psalmist also wept in his situations of trials. Oh, God are you not hearing my supplications?

Do not let Satan win our souls. In our life, times are there we feel like our parents, friends, spouse, relatives are away from us and God is not hearing our cry. It is very important to feel the presence of God always with us. This is his promise, till the end of world I am with you. He is the master of promises and this is also his promise that the world may go away but my words will not change. His promises are written forever and no amendments will be made.

If God is with us everything is with us, but without God we are nothing.

Make sure that we never say “Even God is not help for me”. He will not like this comment from your spirit. He may be silent in your grieve to teach you something, to make you stronger. But he will not go away. Remember the situation when he was sailing with his disciples on the sea. He was just sleeping but he was with them.

O my beloved God, forgive me the situations I felt you are not with me and
forget me and I was alone. I understand that you will never leave me. Help me O Lord to stick more to you and lead a successful spiritual life. Amen.

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