Why my promise delaying ?

Many of us thinking, why my promise delaying?
why I am delaying to heal from my disease?
Why I not getting a positive answer for my prayer ?

Hundreds of questions raising from the heart of each Human being, even the born again spirituals also.
Let us see an illustration…..
One day a Daddy told his boy. “ Dear child; if you get first class in the coming exam, I will bought a cycle for you as a gift. If you fails; you will loose it. Promises of God is same like that.Also it just like a computer programming or like ATM or Vending machine. When we put the card to the ATM machine. Machine automatically push the desired amount or put the amount in the vending machine ,we should get the certain products which the machine offered.If we want to catch the promise from the God we should obey the first condition what the God says.
Promise is a condition. If the result of the condition is “Yes” the boy will get the cycle. If the result of the condition is “No” he will loose it. Like that we should obey the God in all means without any doubt but with the full faith. If we obey the first part of the promise; automatically, we will get the positive result.

Where is the problem ?
Sure, it is the only problem form our side. If you feel promise is delaying ; reason lives with in you.Let us check another story, A man named Tom who have no property his own. God gave a promise him that you will get property. He usually pray for the subject. He belived in Jesus also he is a born again person. He contineously pray for the same subject. But he could not get a positive answer. He start to think; why my promise delayed ? He knows delaying of promise is only my mistake, not of God. Many of us thinking delaying of our promise is the mistake of God . NO….NEVER….He check himself to find where is the problem. Later he find the reason form the Bible.
Bible says, Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth. (matthew – 5:6)
He understood the condition is not satisfied. God says land is only who obey the meek. He is not a meekly person ,He was not a humble man. He didn’t meekly consider others. So he recorrect the condition, He changed his character.He start to meekly consider others. Automatically, he became owner of the land. Here I just indicate only one example. There are six thousand promises God given to man kind. Let check how many we have .

Do you have any promise form the God ? If you feel it is delaying ?
Sometines your promise is different than Mr. Tom. Check yourself the reason of the delaying. Check the condition of your promise. You can find the solution from the Bible.

You dont have any promise from the God ? you would like to experience the fruit of promise ?
You also have the opportunity to get the promise. Just to satisfy the condition of the God.Findout each promise of God form the Bible; and try to satisfy it.
“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteouness, and all these things shal be added to you.”
God bless you.

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