God is against me and may be he doesn’t like me!!

p>We always urge to get what we ask on quick turn up time. REMEMBER! None of your prayers coming from deep in your heart with a little faith in JESUS will go in vain. Be patient and wait unto Lord. He is preparing us to accept the gift or blessings we urged for. He will provide us in his time. A quick reply on our prayers coming out when we badly request for it may be like a pre-mature birth of a child. Incomplete and the happiness will go off after a while.

Pray and Wait for his time, ask in request, O God this is my need, lead me according to your will.

Avoid complaining to our Lord when we were not answered for what we have asked for, He is preparing more than, much bigger than what we have requested. Our God is so awesome and is faithful and trustworthy.

Rejoice! Always rejoice and sing praise to him. Do everything prayerfully and of praise to him.

Dearest in Christ, He has already heard your prayers and knew your pain. Trust and wait for him, you will see things will turn-up more than what you have requested for. Our God, the loving father already answered your prayers.

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