We don’t have any more excuses to say !

When Jesus said “go everywhere in the world, and tell the Good News of hope to everyone,” that small band of poor, uneducated , Middle Eastern disciples were overwhelmed. Were they supposed to walk or ride slow animals? That’s all they had for transportation, and there were only few ocean-crossing ships on that period of time , so there were real physical barriers to going to the whole world.

Today we have airplanes, ships, high speed trains, buses, and automobiles. It’s a small world after all, and it’s shrinking daily. You can fly across the ocean in a matter of hours and be home the next day if you need to be. Every corner of the world is available to you—just ask the travel industry. We have no excuse not to spread the Good News of Hope.

Now, with the Internet, the world has gotten even smaller. In addition to phones and faxes, any person with Internet access can personally communicate with people in virtually every country on earth. The whole world is at your fingertips!

Even many remote villages get email, so you can now carry on “ e @ vangelistic ” conversations with people on the other side of the world, without even leaving your home! It’s never been easier in history to fulfill your commission to go to the whole world.

Let the heaven speak to you as you are starting a new month full of oppertunities !