Are you still building your future around your past ?

Only two people in the world really knew that Mary was a virgin ; Joseph and Mary. Undoubtedly, hundreds of people mocked and sneered at Joseph for marrying Mary.

Jesus grew up with this. He ignored the slanderous remarks. He knew the truth. He knew who He was and what He was about. It didn’t matter that others didn’t believe. He choose to chart His own course. Jesus never looked back.

You too can move beyond the scars of yesterday. Stop talking about your limited education. Quit complaining that you came from a poor family background. Stop repeating stories of those who failed you. Stop meditating on your flaws. Everyone has limitations.

Concentrate on your future ! Stop looking at where you have been and start looking at where you are going .

God bless you abundantly and make you a blessing to so many across the globe.