It is time for the LORD to act!

It is time for the LORD to act

——Psalms 119 :126 ( NewAmerican Standard Version)

Dearest Abba Father, have mercy on me. I come to Your throne of grace seeking Your help. I need Your immediate intervention in the matters of my life. I can’t handle it on my own. You know how inadequate and inefficient I am. I know that Your ears are open to my groaning. Yahweh, hide not Yourself from my prayers. I ask that You take me in Your arms and hide me under Your wings for I am distraught and restless. I am calling upon You, my God, to rescue me. Redeem my life in peace from the battle of hopelessness that is against me. It is time, O Lord, for you to act on behalf of me. I have no one but You to count on. Raise me up from the pit of discouragement I am in. Restore my joy and renew Your Holy Spirit within me. Help me to trust You and to cast my cares, anxiety and worries upon You. I ask You, Elohim, to give me Your joy as my strength. I have hope, confidence and faith through Jesus Christ that You will see me through this situation and that what the enemy has meant for evil You shall turn for good. Help me to remember Your goodness and to fill my heart with praise and thanksgiving for all that You have done, are doing, and will do in my life. In the name of my High Priest, Jesus Christ who intercedes for me before You, I say this prayer. Amen.

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