When the cheese in your life moves- move with it!

You might have read a small book called, “Who moved my cheese.” It is a parable of some small people who lived on cheese. They would go and collect this cheese every morning. They didn’t know who put the cheese there. Their part was just to gather it. One day they went and the cheese was not there.

The Israelites wandered in the desert for four decades and God fed them with rain of Manna , imagine those that were 40 years & below, how they had grown on this and eaten it on daily basis, later we notice that the Manna ceased the moment they ate of the fruit of the Promised Land.

A new form of miracle had just taken shape! God’s provision had just shifted gears and levels and it was time to see God in a new way. That provision was no longer Manna but the corn of the land. The corn of the land was governed by completely different principles- whereas in the desert Manna rained from heaven. They now had to learn how to plant and harvest. Work was no longer going to be on the gathering stage only but they were going to participate and graduate in to the whole process of food production .

When one door closes, don’t stand on it and bang on it! That will not open it. God directs our path through the closing and opening of doors. Once a door closes, it forces you to change your course. Look around you to see the new door that God has just opened for you and walk through it.

Today, many people stay in one place and they cry over that which has been lost! They go into depression to try and understand why the Manna they have had for forty years and it consistently came six days a week stopped ?

Listen, it is God who sends the Manna and it is God who stops it! The reason is He wants you to come to a new level of His provision. He wants you to understand more than just the gathering process. He wants you to be a co- creator of the provision. God Has not abandoned you because the Manna has stopped. He has not forgotten you neither is He angry with you.

If God is in the process of delivering you from your own Egypt and bringing to Canaan, until you reach the land flowing with milk and honey, be thankful and praise God for his provisions and find comfort the Manna that has given to you.

But, If you feel that, your rain of Manna just got STOPPED, then you must open your eyes and see the new level of provision God is bringing to you. Then you will see a place of abundance, prosperity and success.

God bless you abundantly and make you a blessing to so many across the globe.