Whether you are a modern day Mordecai’s or a corporate Esther for such a time as this?

God is raising up new Mordecai’s who have His grace upon them to prepare the corporate Esther to do the radical exploits on behalf of God’s purposes and divine plan across the globe, injecting the burden and purposes of God among the people into a global movement like a royal army, a nurse with a fully loaded needle, a commando with a fully loaded gun, a merchant ship (Multi dimensional businessman) with all creative future solutions.

That is why God wants to raise up some Mordecai with an anointing to prepare Esther for a time of intervention. We know what Esther accomplished, but what was Mordecai’s task? What was his divine assignment? Mordecai’s main assignment was to raise up and prepare Esther for her hour of influence before the king and his self fish advisers. Mordecai raised Esther as his own spiritual daughter. He intercepted Haman’s scheme of the enemy and revealed it with wisdom to those in authority. He walked in prophetic counsel and instilled courage into Esther.

Esther, properly tutored and mentored by the counsel of Mordecai, seized the moment through prayer and fasting. Esther was anointed to intervene and stand in the gap in a royal dimension, yet she had to walk in cooperation with the preparation of Mordecai, the spiritual authority God had placed in her life. May be the track & strategy they have chosen were entirely different even in the same crisis time, when her mentor wore sack cloth, she choose to have royal robe to enter the inner court for approaching the king.

God chose to work through Mordecai to alert Esther to her destiny and timing of her intercessory acts on behalf of the people. In today’s world too God is looking for modern day Mordecai’s to prepare corporate Esther’s – High tech generals for such a time as this!

God bless you abundantly and make you a blessing to so many across the globe.