Will you learn to live a life of Recession in the days of Prosperity ?

The King of Egypt saw seven ugly and lean cows that came up after the seven handsome cows “stood near the other [fat] cows upon the bank of the River. “In other words, there was a moment during which both sets of cows co-existed simultaneously, and only afterward did the lean cows proceed to swallow the fat cows.

Can we derive a conclusion, Joseph must have discern that the coexistence of the two sets of cows contained the solution to the approaching famine: During the years of plenty Egypt must “live” with the years of famine as well as though they were already present. Even while enjoying the abundance of the years of plenty, the nation must experience in its imagination the reality of the upcoming famine, and each and every day store away food for it. The seven lean cows ought to be very much present and alive in people’s minds and in their behavior during the era of the seven fat cows. Then even during the years of famine the nation would continue enjoying the abundance of the years of plenty. The seven fat cows would be very much present and alive even during the era of the seven lean cows.

All of us experience cycles of plenty and cycles of famine in our lives. There are times when things are going very well: We are healthy, successful and even comfortable with food, water, shelter, fuel and energy. Often during such times we fail to invest time and energy to preserve the above . Even we fail to cultivate genuine emotional intimacy with our spouse, to develop real relationships with friends, well wishers and to create a sincere bond with God. We feel self-sufficient and don’t need anybody in our lives.

You must not detach the years of plenty from the years of famine. When you experience plenty, do not let it blind your vision and desensitize you from what is truly important in life.

Have a great weekend!

God bless you abundantly and make you a blessing to so many across the globe.