How we influence others?

Human influential power is much bigger than any other living things in this world, Human to Human and Human to other creatures in this world. But I am talking about the deserved importance of “influential ... read more
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Give Me Wisdom

Are you worried about things to fulfill and how to manage the upcoming events? When we see people do things tactfully we say wow! that was pretty good, you were nicely handled the situation! But there is a ... read more
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What is our Attitude?

There are many people in this world whose life is like a jungle. Planned to do something and did not. No time frame and no time span, believing such characters will put others life stretched. Doing ... read more
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A fruitful life in Jesus

Will you able to lead a fruitful life today. “Fruitful” is a very difficult term. There are good and bad fruit. Why we say fruitful life? Most of the people say I will not make any disturbance to anyone. ... read more
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