Koshy Philip


I am from a Christian family. My father is a pastor in the Church of South India Kerala Diocese. I was not a believer till the age of 17th. By the grace of God I have been saved and He put me in green pastures. Till I was the son of the world I was thinking in this way. I know everything and I am a Christian. So I am different from other people. I am special with white colors. In fact I was blinded with my traditions and family values. But God has a plan for me He would not allowed me to lead such a life much longer. While I was studying in 12th, through one of my friend God took me to a camp to lighten my blind eyes. My friend really did a hard work to bring me there. He attracted me by saying the music sections and games between the camping. The camp was for three days. I like music and I was in the church choir. Even very active in the church activities as well but without knowing why I do this?

The camp was lead by EU (Evangelical Union) who is working among college students across India. On the second day of the camp, there was a section with the senior members of the EU. Each new members of the camp will be counseled by the seniors, believers. One brother took me to a lonely place. I am not remembering his name and I never saw him after that camp. He started chatting with me. He asked do you believe in Jesus Christ. Are you saved? A smirk comes to my face, what you are asking? I am a son of priest. You are not ashamed of asking me like that. If I am not saved, not accept Jesus why I come to this camp, why I go to the church every Sunday, why I become a part of the church choir, why I am an active member of the church. The brother was silent and after my whispering complete he simply in a silent voice told me. Brother you might be a son of priest, might be grown under a traditional Christian family and active in your church activities. But that doesn’t mean that you are saved and accepted Jesus as your savior.

He suggested me to read Ephesians 2. Remember that you were that time without Christ. But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. By grace you have been saved. Tears dropped out from my eyes. The Holy Spirit started to work in my heart. I realized I am nothing and I was running out of track.

The word was with me but I was blind. I given to him I accepted Jesus that day.

Now I am trying to achieve something for His Kingdom. Holyconnection.com is a ministry started in that purpose, to proclaim Him, to reach people who are unaware of the living savior, the winner of death and darkness. To reach out to those who are like me, even though they have the word but blind.

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