Good Friday is a Friendship Day

Many Christians didn’t like these two characters, Herod and Pilate; because they were involved in the crucifixion of Jesus. But the fact is that they found Him innocent and were trying to free him. Herod and Pilot were true enemies till that day. The day of crucifixion was a blessing to their relationship. They become friends.

How valuable is the crucifixion for us?
How we are considering our enemies? Are we waiting for another crucifixion?

Herod and pilot found Jesus is innocent and valuable than the mob and Pharisees.
The MOB represents US. People put all guilty on him but that was theirs. He took all the guilty to the cross without any hesitation and freed them of from their sins. We are the MOB freed from all sins. He took all our guilty and asking us to take the love and friendship he taught to spread.

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