God and Satan will attract you; will you be able to identify the right one?

How to identify devils call?

Temptation or enticement – Satan, devil attract human by temptation. The easiest way to catch your attraction is weaknesses. Your weakness for money, passion of life, luxury, alcoholic beverages, smoking, disco, films… which will get you entertained and throw away from Gods presence.

The evil one will kill you day by day, like alcohol he will eat up your life and health little by little. You will feel very cool and easy and when you reach to the ultimate you will understand Oh I was in a wrong way.

Devil will call you the way you will feel sweeter. He will call you with beautiful things attract your eyes and ear, which gives you happiness for a minute, an hour. And will be thrown out like a chunk. Like an empty vessel. He will show you things generate excitement and worldly desire.

How to identify Gods call?

Words of love and righteousness – God attract human by the words of love, the spirit of love and righteousness.

God will call you gently. Be in my love and you will be complete. See my light. Show my light to those do not have. Do not go behind worldly pleasures. He will call you to join with God’s people in fellowships and worships. Walk with me, think with me. Be salt to this world of foolishness. Be a light to this world of fury. He will not show you things generate excitement and worldly desire.

Do not allow devil to work in your life… this is very important; little by little he will eat you up.

Are you really happy? Are you?

Will you turn to his love? Will you find time for him?

I urge you blessed one to retrieve time for your God, your savior! Be in his love, you will see great blessings which you have never thought off. His attraction is his promises. Hold unto his promises.

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