Things which holding you back to become a successful CEO / Team-leader!

Things which holding you back to become a successful CEO / Team-leader!

1. Failing to invent new recipes.

Think about when you first started your professional life . You likely were enthusiastic, open-minded and willing to try just about anything to make a success. Then, after a while, you stopped experimenting. All the best organizations continue to reinvent themselves, experiment, and add new recipes to their arsenal.

That’s the idea.

So, consider going back to the drawing board and cooking up some fresh strategies.

2. Missing the big picture.

Successful organizations are based on CEO’s vision that is adopted by everyone involved. They know what the organization is about and where it is going. They buy into the leader’s vision.

If you have not articulated a vision for your organization, do so — now. You will be amazed how it will focus people’s efforts and open doors.

3. Not checking in with your potential customers.

When was the last time you surveyed your customers? Do you know what they really like and dislike about your organization ? Do you know why they do or don’t recommend your brand to their friends? Would these not be important things to know? Great CEO’s do know the answer to these sorts of questions.

So take some time to create a survey. If you couldn’t do it personally assign someone trustworthy & unbiased to do that for you. Learning what they actually think of your team enables you to make better, more informed decisions.

4. Relying on outdated technology.

The information-communication-technology-computer revolution that has occurred over the past 20-plus years is the most monumental change to ever affect the business world.

This also means that we simply must keep our technology up-to-date. For example, have you ever thought about how a fast computer with internet / mobile phone with blackberry connections could help make your team more efficient?

Far too many small-business owners think that the investment they made in technology say, five years ago, will suffice. It won’t. The only way to ride the wave that is this incredible global opportunity is to have the right technology.

5. Not sharpening the saw.

When sawing wood, it is important to sharpen the saw regularly, lest the blade get dull and the work become overly difficult.

The same is true in business and organization – financial world / political world / spiritual world .

As entrepreneurs, CEO’s , professionals, decision makers, team-leaders we sometimes forget to sharpen the saw – ways to keep our business skills, our saws, sharp.

Still you are feeling incapable and inadequate to face the great challenge?

Remember ! God always choose to fill the empty vessels ! Trust in our creator, He needs you, wants to make you successful, where He has strategically placed you,to fulfill His divine plan in this generation !

God bless you abundantly and make you a blessing to multiples across the globe.

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