You are not Alone !

In the professional world , guilt feelings may also be manifested in spiritual and religious interpretations of blame and punishment. When they cry, “Why me?” or “Why my child?”, many parents are also saying, “Why has God done this to me?” How often have we raised our eyes to Heaven and asked: “What did I ever do to deserve this?” One young mother said, “I feel so guilty because all my life I had never had a hardship and now God has decided to give me a hardship.”

When you realize that these negative responses tend to hurt you and make you less effective with your child’s poor health, education, carrier & marriage , you can decide to do something about them by trusting God . Life is better when you are feeling positive and walk with a hope . You will be better equipped to meet these new challenges when bitter feelings are no longer draining your energies and initiative.

You can diminish these feelings by recognizing that they have been experienced by many, many others, that understanding and constructive help are available to you and your child, and that you are not alone.

Yes ! Our God can change all the situations & weakness !

God bless you abundantly and make you a blessing to so many across the globe


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