Who have you made your strength ?

There were two servants of two great men of God. Gehazi was the personal assistant to Elisha while Joshua was the same to Moses.

Gehazi relied on the dictate of his own heart. He wanted quick return in his life . He taught he could prevail over poverty by receiving a gift which his master had earlier rejected. His strength failed him and he received leprosy in return.

Joshua on the other hand served his master diligently to the end. He relied heavily on the strength of that God that called his master and who also appointed him as a servant to Moses. He reaped a bountiful harvest of blessing, victories and was the first person to stop the sun& the moon. Joshua made the God of Moses his strength made a significant impact in his generation.

The big question today is who have you made your strength ? Your family members ? OR your boss in the office ?
Let God be your only source of help for the arm of flesh will fail you but God never fails.