How Does Mahatma Gandhi practiced the principles & teachings of Jesus ?

Let us find out from His own writings ” My imperfections and failures are as much a
blessing from God as my successes and my talents, and I lay them down both at His
feet. Why should He have chosen me, an imperfect instrument, for such a mighty
experiment? I think He deliberately did so. He had to serve the poor, dumb, ignorant
millions. A perfect man might have been their despair.

When they found that one with their failings was marching on towards ahimsa (
non-violence movement ) , they too had confidence in their own capacity. We should
not have recognized a perfect man if he had come as our leader, and we might have
driven him to a cave. May be he who follows me will be more perfect and you will be
able to receive his message ” ( 21-7-1940 )

Yes ! God guided him to use some unique methods to achieve the goal of freedom .
Indian history says ; what succeeded eveywhere else failed in India and what was
never tried anywhere else succeeded in India. The success of this non-violent
revolution is perhaps, thus, the biggest lesson for indian leaders and CEO’s. It
should make them realise the importance of coming out with unique management
concepts for indians……because it seems we are actually an unique combination of
great values and cultures.

The World over bloody revolutions have led to independence but we attained through a
wonderful hassel – free method and so every Indian marched, walked with Gandhi to
the doorsteps of an Independent India.

Let God guide & use you too, to build a great nation .