Have you ever been misunderstood ?

Your intentions are honorable and your heart is pure, but those around you misinterpret your actions. They point at your confidence in God and assume it is pride, so they decide that they need to remind you of your smallness, as Eliab did when he reminded David he was only a shepherd.

People like Eliab allow their mouths to be used by doubt and unbelief. They will point out to every reason–why you could not possibly fulfill the call of God on your life. Eliab felt he knew David, and he was sure there was nothing special about him. However, Eliab was not there in the fields with the sheep when God was fashioning David’s heart after His own and building up his faith in Him. It was at this time that David made one of the most important decisions of his life.

The enemy will find those people in our lives that regard us as inferior and unsuitable for the mission, and speak through them to devour our destiny. He will use them to point out our inadequacies and remind us of all the reasons why we could not possibly do anything of significance. But God also has a voice! He can see into our future and the motives of our heart.

We need to tune our ears into Him and He will encourage us to do all that He asks us to do. He wants us to break free from the person we have previously been and see ourselves walking in our destiny in God.