We know that men has sinned & many of us might think that God has punished the first sin but we are wrong, even through proclaiming the consequences of the sin or punishing the sin God was giving us a provision.

On this note I would like to think & meditate on what Pas Thomas Schaller has said on his Article ‘Our Lost Virtue’ (11/7/08)………..

“Are we being cheated? In the whole scheme of things, are we being ripped-off? Have you ever noticed that the primary direction of our society is aimed at discovering, knowing, and propagating happiness? That might sound right, but we should ask ourselves whether or not justice and what is right is part of the equation. It is very unpopular to ask those questions because today, even rightness is relative.

Happiness, then, seems to have pulled the trump card and beaten us all at the game. “Congratulations,” says Happiness, to all at the table. Happiness wins. Go ahead, divorce, be unfaithful to your spouse, cheat your boss, lie to your colleagues, and steal from the company. All of it is up for grabs. After all, your happiness means everything…or does it?

The prophet Isaiah said, “Truth has fallen in the street…”

While the quest for happiness may reign, it doesn’t seem to bolster our confidence that everything is alright. Even the “happy” atheist has periodically the vague worry that maybe he is wrong. Does a man, after his third or fourth woman, wonder if there is something he is missing? Really, anyone could ask that question, “Is there something missing?”

Life is designed by God and He has not directed us to ourselves, but to Himself. Without Him, we have a plaguing concern, a certain uneasiness, a shifting of our soul – even when happiness has its upper hand.

God speaks to us. God requires truth in the inward part (Isaiah 51:6), but we sometimes avert responsible accountability to truth by explaining it away. A sick man will say, “I am okay,” and refuse to go to the doctor. Do we avoid our mail because we know we will find bills there, or bank statements? Have you avoided Christians because God might speak to you? When we are wrong, we refuse to admit it. We would rather avoid the truth so we can “Be happy! Be positive! Be strong!”

It is time to reach down deep into this dusty world and pull truth out of the ash heap. It is here, but it is overlooked. It is ridiculed and continually shot at.”

Some of us know the value of truth and what great things it will do for people. Christ said you shall know the truth and it will set you free and you shall be free indeed. (John 8:32-36)
It is truly amazing when the uneasiness leaves the human soul because truth has entered in.

The tragedy of life is how the human heart can settle for something less than what it is designed for. Happiness is too cheap for us. Truth has its price, but the benefits abound. Buy the truth and sell it not. (Proverbs 23:23)”


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