Approach life cleverly

Facing troubles in our life in its absolute manner is a very difficult task, when we approach wrongly. I believe you can follow me… I want to elaborate what I meant by this. The result of an incident in ... read more
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Greatness of God’s love

I am none to write about his love because my love is nothing in front of His LOVE. Jesus said I am saying all these things but the bigger, the greatest among all these is LOVE. There is nothing above than ... read more
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Are you wise? You can also fall!

Proverbs 3:7 Do not be wise in your own eyes. I want to dig something from “Mathew 2”. We all know this passage. But I want you to think this chapter with Proverbs 3:7. You might be very wise and could ... read more
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Do our plans please God?

Do our plans please God? I had wrote Christian life is a challenge… live according to God’s plans and make decisions which pleases Him is very important. I heard many times from friends and relatives, why ... read more
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